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Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) is a brain related medical condition, caused by uneven left\right eye visual input. The challenge of treating Lazy Eye is poor compliance and adherence to the treatment program.

2-5% of the population suffers from Lazy Eye; preferred treatment age is under 10 years old.

In developed countries, the immediately addressable market is ~ 8,000,000 kids suffering from Lazy Eye, spending between $500 to $5000 for treatments.

Initial respond to the novel concept by professionals is favorable, as it addresses their key challenge - compliance.

2 tranches of investment are planned until commercialization, proceeds will be sued for:
~ $180K for principal design, prototypes, complete feasibility study and initial treatment protocol design

~ $1.5M to secure CE and FDA approvals; complete the R&D program; scaling and Internet sales platform

Anticipated product launch within 18 months,
<$1.7M investment to cash flow positive.

Founders are seasoned medical devices execs


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