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Starchild Fashion - Los Angeles, CA USA

Starchild Fashion will offer high quality women’s apparel targeting English speaking, and non-English consumers.

Mobile shopping apps (free download) will be used to connect with women shoppers, 24/7 privacy, personal shopping. Platforms include Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry smartphone and tablet devices.

Connect with consumer using social networks; Facebook marketing has targeted, drill-down approach, that can accommodate any budget. Twitter and YouTube are also gaining attention with marketers.

Customer service will be our #1 priority.

3D hologram technology used at our Fashion Showcase events, the software will be patented, and we can use our "Panicat" animations to create media interest and free publicity.

Seeking savvy co-founder to bring both capital ($20K), and ability to expand Starchild brand internationally.

Victoria's Secret: annual $5B sales
Jessica Simpson: will reach $1B sales (2013)
Starchild USA: next billion in sales


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