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Crystal Mitchell and Daysi Bellamy are the co-founders of Pharaoh’s a full service men grooming spa to be located in Beverly Hills, CA. Our mission and goal is to allow modern man to discover a place that is ‘his place”. A place where all of his grooming needs are taken care of in one location and he can feel comfortable in maintaining his hands, feet and hair.

We are launching Pharaoh’s because men are expressing a strong desire for “men only” grooming salon and spas. The desire has been so strong that the beauty industry trends indicate that there has become a strong demand for men's grooming services and retail products which now make up 30% of the salon industry.

In 2010, the salon/spa industry grossed $55.5 billion and retail products generated $1.4 billion in 2010. The men's grooming market is expected to hit $84+ billion by 2014...Source: The

Currently, there are not many full service grooming spa for a "men only" clientele.


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