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I currently attempt to sell my ART on products at and previously on It's hard for people to even see your work as there are milliions of artists competing. I would like my ART to be sold in real stores.

I need to be officially trademarked as SylviART™ as there are about 4 others on Google using the same name - even though I was the first and I believe I was first one signing my work with that name and I have the main website

I need a publisher perhaps but with 3 different styles that may take too much time to find. I also have a ARTbook.

I may have to self-publish before I have a chance to find a publisher. I need to show my work more and would need a smaller amount to do that. I cannot afford framing or mailing or transportation to exhibits where I might need to go to an opening.

I am not good at the business end. I tend to spend more time creating. I have a hard time following thru or knowing what to do to get representation.


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