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I am a design generalist. Starting with a solid mechanical engineering and manufacturing foundation, I have built a diverse and somewhat unorthodox career in product design and development. Regardless of industry, product type, or materials, I apply artistic skills, project management, understanding of users and human factors, and solid research, combined with years of practical hands on experience to rapidly turn concepts into actionable prototypes and products. I have worked with both low volume, labor intensive as well as high volume, highly mechanized manufacturing, in both soft and hard goods.

I am a citizen of two countries, speak two languages (English and Mandarin Chinese), and have traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and North America, developing a myriad of products with diverse customers. I love what I do, and I’m always ready for a new challenge.

My skill set includes:
- project management
- team building and mentoring
- creative conceptualization
- product development
- trend and marketing research
- user centered research
- mechanical engineering and manufacturing development


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