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For higher-impact copy, hire me!

If you need to market your products or services more effectively via crisp, captivating, and compelling copy,
I’m your guy – or at least I’d like to be.

You can call me a wordsmith, a word wiz, or a Marketing Director’s new best friend.

The important thing is that you call.

As a sharp, savvy, and extremely "response-able" freelance copywriter, I already serve some very satisfied clients -- and I’d like you to become one of them. Here's a quick look at what I've done:

 I have written “on the money” catalog copy for K-12 MicroMedia, Learning Annex, MicroBiz, MicroWarehouse, Lifestyle Fascination, Hollywood Gadgets, Progressive Labs, Bronson Vitamins, Progressive Labs, Learning Annex, BeyondBeds.com, and Trump University.

 I've sold skids of books and software packages . . . investment newsletters and B2B services . . . mortgages and hi-tech gadgets . . . professional services and educational opportunities . . . and I have written dozens of high-performing fundraising appeals for various nonprofit organizations.

 I am versatile in terms of format too, as I have written ads, brochures, catalogs, press releases, newsletters, websites, promotional emails, landing pages, blogs, corporate communications, PowerPoint presentations, and video scripts – whatever you need to get your message across in a crisp and compelling way.

In short, I am versatile, experienced, and very, very good.
My rates are reasonable, my research skills are sharp, and my positive, professional attitude and desire to be a key strategic partner all add even more value. As someone who started a successful catalog company, I also bring many years of real-world business management experience to the table – experience that most other copywriters lack.

If all this sounds great so far . . . well, that’s what I happen to excel at – but it’s even more wonderful when I’m doing it for you. See for yourself – call me today!

Website http://www.a2zmicromarketing.com

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