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The Company Founded in Y-2019. The Company is committed to solve critical cybersecurity challenges that were arise since last 10 years.

The Problem we're trying to solve is complicated cyber threats that affects Business customer's revenue, damage reputation. We will protect it by guarding them by covering in protection.

We're Providing Following Services:

Having specialisation in following areas:

1. Penetration Testing (Advanced Penetration Testing)

2. Vulnerability Assessment (VAPT)

3. Breach Incident Response (DFIR)

4. Data and Disaster Recovery (DDR)

5. IT Compliance and Auditing (ITAC)

6. Red Teaming Assessment

7. Software Testing

8. Cloud Computing & Virtualization Solutions [VMware, Nxtgen DataCenter]

9. Authorized Software Reseller Partner [Microsoft, Salesforce, VMware, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Shopify, WooCommerce, Fortinet, AWS, Nxtgen DataCenter]


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