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"Brixx is an intuitive and accessible cash flow forecast tool designed for businesses of all scales to model the future. Brixx allows startups, businesses, accountants and advisors to easily model their financial future to allow for unlimited exploration of growth.

By using Brixx for cash flow projections, businesses can model all cash flowing in and out of of over time as well as stress test its cash reserves with any scenario needing to be run. Brixx allows for 3-way forecasting, where the model automatically generates a range of professional report outputs, saving companies a huge amount of time creating financial plans. Its rapid scenario modelling capabilities allow businesses to explore their future without limitations by creating complex scenarios in minutes, mapping out different paths.

Brixx is a complete cash flow forecast tool in itself but it can also be used with Xero. Businesses using Xero can get started with Brixx quickly from their Xero accounts and automatically import up-to-date actuals every day.

With Brixx, startups are able to test out ideas and create financial plans for getting funded, businesses are able to track and improve over time by measuring your forecast against actuals, and advisors are able to delight their clients with software they’ll love and understand.

Brixx works with thousands of businesses across 70 countries, offers a 7 day free trial, and has a partnership program available for accountants and advisors.