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phonexa is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps businesses improve their roi by attributing leads to specific marketing campaigns. our saas system boosts efficiency with call logic (call analytics and tracking platform), lms sync (lead management system), e-delivery (email marketing platform), and books360 (integrated accounting software).

our all-in-one platform helps businesses streamline their workflow and track data across multiple channels that are essential to roi-driven marketing. our tools integrate with your existing processes to strengthen both online and offline marketing campaigns. our goal is to provide businesses with one comprehensive scalable platform that allows them to work more efficiently and expand at will.

phonexa’s all-in-one platform helps optimize web lead, call lead, and email marketing campaigns through data analytics and real-time reporting. our platform gives companies the tools they need to get the most out of every dollar spent. phonexa's incredible insights allow marketing professionals to adjust campaigns to maximize roi and review predictive reports to better plan for the future. our platform provides unique customization features that can be easily tailored for various market verticals, including but not limited to insurance, financial, healthcare, and home services.

call logic, our fully integrative call tracking software, provides call tracking, call recording, automated call distribution, and free api integrations to help businesses handle all their incoming calls and correctly attribute calls to their marketing efforts. call logic also provides local vanity phone numbers and custom toll-free numbers to heighten brand awareness and increase the number of calls. lms sync, our intuitive lead management system, provides tracking capabilities on web leads so companies can optimize their roi. the platform's comprehensive analytics feature provides companies with predictive analysis, giving them an educated vision of the future.

lms sync helps to organize, route, and transfer leads through customized filtration settings and a lead distribution system. when only high-quality leads come through, companies have more resources to devote to lead generation and conversion.

phonexa’s email marketing software, e-delivery, provides tools that help businesses create high-converting email campaigns. its unique technology identifies the best leads and provides customizable templates for improved audience targeting. seamless integration allows businesses to grow, while detailed analytics provide exceptional market insight.

our business accounting software – books360 is fully automated with customizable invoicing, cash flow tracking, real-time notifications, and reporting. it helps you keep track of invoices and bills from customers and vendors. customizable accounting features and invoice automation software eliminates manual work, giving you more time to look after your business operations. call us at 818-800-0000 to schedule a demo or learn more.


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