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At the basic level, SmartUp® allows any business or individual with a patentable idea to quickly and affordably file for a Provisional Patent and to obtain Patent Pending status for the idea. However, SmartUp® is much more than just a simple filing service. Every idea that is submitted to us is assigned to a licensed Patent Attorney and receives his or her personal attention. The attorney reviews each submission, calls you for a consultation, and makes certain that it conforms to the requirements set forth by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Once you register with SmartUp®, you will gain access to our Patent Portal®, which will help you to begin, build, and manage the entire IP portfolio for you or your business.

At SmartUp®, we understand that you need more than just boilerplate forms and plain online filing tools. We aim to provide you with the solutions to all of your IP needs in the most cost-effective way possible.


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