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At crafters we go beyond developing software: we act in orienting and defining business models, and in the construction of strategical plans.

We create honest, simple and efficient products. that strive to innovate in different market areas. each one singular in its concept. we explore ways of doing the new, taking care of technical, visual and strategical aspects of each product, in a handmade process.

After spending years into the software development market, we understood that the best way of working with software is to deal with it as set of ideas that need to be refined and polished through constant collaboration. based on this, we focus our work into the incremental development of products.

Anticipating the validation of business ideas and concepts through fast delivery, frequent analysis of feedback and adaptation are constants in our process. this ensures products that are more mature and better directed to its target audience, diminishing risks and increasing your chances of success.

On the technical side, we have 5+ years of extensive experience working with the ruby on rails framework, connected to mongodb databases.


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