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need fast action on getting accurate financial statements and control of your accounting?

with 25+ years of both small and large-company experience, i can quickly get your accounting system up-to-date and produce accurate financial statements for management, investors/lenders, and tax authorities. with this, we're in a better position to make key decisions, improve cash-flow and set goals & controls.

i've got great hands-on experience in:
•handling all accounting and finance activities, as described in the list to the left
•creating systems from scratch for start-ups
•catch-ups and clean-ups for established businesses
•building industrial-strength it systems to support accounting
•hr management and payroll, including taxes
• bringing to realization new revenue development programs including call-centers, crm systems and internet / e-commerce based initiatives

i've also prepared dozens of business plans and loan/investor packages, including world-class spreadsheet-based financial models. with this we can raise capital, and present to investors, banks, key vendors and customers, boards of directors and other stake-holders. an example is when a $600mm client spun-off its business equipment leasing division, and i prepared a prospectus and presented to firms across the u.s. and u.k., resulting in a $68mm sale. i am comfortable in working with all of these groups and understand how they think and the information they need.

e-commerce and the internet are areas where i have been involved since the beginning, including e-store and web-site design, credit card processing, fulfillment, sem, seo, shopping comparison engines and all of the nitty-gritty from ftp to programming. for example, i helped grow a dot-com from 6 to 61 employees (revenue $0 to over $11mm) in 18 months. but i have lengthy experience in many other industries too, as you can see on the list to the left.

before things take-off, i'm available on a part-time/contractor basis. and as things grow, i hope to produce value such that we can make a more durable agreement.

born on the east coast, i received my b.s. in finance (minor in accounting) and mba from a top big-10 school, and commenced my career in internal audit for a fortune 100 multinational industrial firm before moving to california in the 80's. i have many business contacts here in southern cal, and maintain strong relationships within the accounting, banking, investor and legal communities.

Website http://www.swat-cfo.com

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