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the underlying magic

leveraging years of commercialization experience, truefit delivers idea launch™. a proprietary methodology, idea launch™ puts stakeholders and product users in the driver’s seat. focusing on behaviors and relationships, idea launch™ uncovers and amplifies game-changing value and leverages new technologies to disrupt the norm.

• crystalize and amplify the value of product ideas

• shape the quintessential user-centered design experience

• develop disruptive products and experiences

the end result? product viability in the marketplace. web, social media, mobile apps and commercial software products designed and developed with disruption in mind.

admit it, you’re intrigued.

start me up

the budding entrepreneur turns to truefit to take an idea from the back of a cocktail napkin to the marketplace. having spent a lifetime in the incubation, acceleration, and investment communities, we guide the entrepreneur step-by-step on how to build game-changing products.

intreprenuership, defined:

the bigger they are, the harder they fall. our idea launch™ process enables established companies to embrace new technologies and interfaces, avoid plateauing in the marketplace, and land ahead of the curve.

ready, set, innovate!

from a small start-up launching its first iphone app, to a medium-sized company releasing a new social media experience, to an established market leader pushing new versions of established products to market, truefit is ready to help.

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