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MCS CONSULTANTS LLC. MCS provides grants to business owners who need financial assistance in funding a start-up business or enhancing a business already in existence.

MCS receives hundreds of grant request monthly and for this reason the grant requestor must be accepted by the grant committee. The procedures for acceptance are stated on our website: If you have not reviewed the procedures please do so.

If accepted into the program, MCS will contribute 90% cash towards the grant and the grant requester must contribute 10% cash towards their grant in addition to the cost of the grant writer's fee of $1,500.00

The minimum grant amount is $25,000. For example, if an individual requested a $25,000 grant, they would have to contribute 10% cash ($2,500) plus the grant writer's fee of $1,500. That would be a total of $4,000. In 180 business days the grantee would receive a $25,000 grant, to use towards their financial needs.

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