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We would like to have a good business relations overseas.
We deals with FDI and External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) [through RBI/FIPB].

Project Funding India have very good relations with various financial consultancy firms & companies across the major cities of India like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

We are always open to shake hand with fair business solution firms or companies overseas, because we have projects and also some local investors too, it is naturally depends on the status of requirement.

We always requires: (Not a job seekers*)
Overseas Investment Proposals
Overseas Financial Advisers
Overseas Consultancy Firms
Overseas Banking Executives
Investment proposals for our country
Genuine Business Relations
Commercial Borrowers
Corporate Executives
Small & Medium Enterprises

Please have a communication for:
Business Deals
Corporate Relations
Investor Relations
Fund Requirement
Debt or Equity Fund
Portfolio Management
Finance Services