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Alvin was one of the founding pioneers of the hedge fund industry and was involved in launching some of the first hedge funds in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Alvin is an international investment banking, finance, IT, sales, marketing, property expert, philanthropist and author of the bestselling sales and marketing book “Make More Money NOW”.

Alvin has over 20 years international entrepreneur business experience at the CEO level and over 10 years internet experience. As the general manager for a division of a large financial institution he took them from a market share of 1% and 26th out of 28 places to a 15% market share and number 1 place within 90 days of beginning his assignment. In addition, he was one of the founding pioneers of the hedge fund industry.

Alvin is also a past consultant/faculty member for most of the world’s largest management institutes including the American Management Association and the National Management Association in the USA, Management Center Europe in Belgium, IMI in Dublin, OPWZ in Vienna, ZFU in Zurich, IEP of Amsterdam, APM of Bangkok, RAYMA in Kuala Lumpur, APM in South Africa and LPMB in Jakarta.

He has lectured/consulted to top level executives from major international corporations such as ABB, Alcatel, ATT, Avon, Bank Central Asia, Barclays, Bisnis Indonesia, Canon, Citibank, Digital Equipment, DSM, Dupont, ERA, Garuda, Guinness, Hawaiian Tropic, Hilton, IBM, ITT, Johnson & Johnson, John Robert Powers, Kimberly Clark, Kraft Jacobs, MasterCard, Mazda, Merck, Nestle, Occidental, Otis, Proctor & Gamble, Prudential, Radio Bisnis Jakarta, Rekayasa, Sasol, Samsung, Sony, Suchard,Sumitomo, 3M, TNT, Wall Street Institute, Wella, Winterthur and Xerox.

He has been featured on many radio and TV shows worldwide and is regarded as an expert in sales, marketing, media, publicity, internet marketing, branding, startups, investment banking and strategic alliances.


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