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I would like to invite you to look into our business. If interested for investments, please give us a peek and tell us what you think. We are currently working with the largest beverage companies on the globe for accounts as we speak. With a serious reply into investments we will then move further into revealing our business plans, direction and goal. Accounts and clients will be discussed, as well as, demographics of ROI. We can also provide all projected earnings demographics too, with a full outline of what investment funds are being used for. With the full investment amounts, we are willing to part with 40% (JV) of the business's stock shares for the amounts of 1,750,000 invested for a period of 5 years.
We are tapped into one of the largest markets (Beverage Sector) on the globe. For this one invention we have 7 Patents, 2 Documents Disclosed to the US Gov.

Respectfully, James Walbert
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